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Five Ways to Improve the Bond With Your Daughter this Summer

Five Ways to Improve the Bond With Your Daughter this Summer

The bond between mothers and daughters is intense and powerful – albeit complicated at times. However, the relationship between mothers and daughters requires a bit more effort from both parties for it to mature and develop. At times, it can be overwhelming to maintain a relationship that it is not only founded on trust but on friendship as well. To create a lasting bond, it is essential to spend time together and the effort put forth into bonding is what allows the relationship to blossom.

Despite any miscommunications or hurt that may occur, the bond should be strong enough to sustain your relationship. Spending time together entails finding activities that both the mother and daughter have in common. The activities can range from elaborate dates such as visits to the spa to simple and inexpensive activities such as gardening together. As summer approaches, both mom and daughter have to find activities that can fill their time and improve the relationship. Here are 5 ways you can improve your bond with your daughter in these coming summer months.

1. Participate In Girly-Girl Things That You Both Love

Girly events such as spa dates or visits to the beauty bar can strengthen the relationship between mothers and their daughters. During these dates, both the mother and daughter can engage in frank conversations in an open and relaxing environment. If a spa is not part of the budget, you can execute a mock spa date in the comfort of your home.

2. Raise It Up A Notch By Going On A Camping Trip

Camping instills a bond of friendship, and it reaffirms one that already exists. Being surrounded by nature has a way of bringing out the best personality in each person, and if both mother and daughter enjoy outdoor activities, then camping is definitely the way to go. Why not plan a camping trip with your daughter for the whole family? My daughters and I did this and arranged for a trip out in the Catskills of New York, with friends. We went camping with eight people and it was an unforgettable experience. You can do that, too!

3. Learn A Common Hobby

It could be baking, gardening or cake decorating. Both mother and daughter should engage in a brainstorming session to find an activity that is acceptable to both parties. If both are interested in learning a new skill together, they can learn to support each other through the process, which helps to solidify the bond.

4. The Mother And Daughter That Lift Together…

Physical activity can also help to improve the relationship between mothers and daughters. Physical activities are not only good for your health, but they also help to maintain the interaction. The support and motivation offered when getting fit together allow mother and daughter to understand each other and it creates a deeper sense of respect for one another.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering allows both moms and daughters to appreciate each other. Volunteering allows mothers to teach their daughters the value of giving and as both parties leave the activity feeling fulfilled, the relationship is strengthened by the bond of doing something wonderful together.

The summer months are fast approaching – better get on the move with your planning if you want to achieve anything in time! Best of luck!